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My very first Steam Locomotive
Simplex 2-6-0 5" Steamer was the first attempt at modeling.  Taking 2 years to complete it was completed about 1987 and named "LADY ALISON"  after Steve's wife. The closest track then was ASME in Auckland and we would frequently make the journey on a Sunday afternoon to run the train.

Bejax 2-6-0 5" Steamer was completed in about 18 months. It was similar to Simplex but a lot easier to build. It was given the name "WENDEL" after Steve's two daughters Wendy and Delwyn. Again this was run regularly at the ASME track Panmure Auckland

Loco No 2. 5" gauge.
First Electric 7.25 gauge
EF BoBo Electric. 7.25" twin bogie powered by two 300w 24v electric motors. Similar in design to NZR EF but without the third centre bogie. As the ASME track was not 7.25g I joined Manukau Live Steamers in Auckland where I ran this train for a few years.

Phantom 2-6-0 Mogul Steamer
2-6-0 Phantom No 36. 7.25" Steamer. Designer David Giles. Several of this design have now been completed. It is an excellent steamer and will pull 30 adults.
When built this was the sixth one of this design to be completed. This has been a popular design and in excess of 100 have been built in NZ and Australia.
Following a construction series in the AME Magazine.

2-6-0 Phantom 7.25" Steamer. Designer David Giles. This was the second Phanton built together with Bob Sharman for Bob. It was a dream come true for Bob so was given the name "MR SANDMAN" This locomotive ran for many years at the Thames Track.

Phantom Number 2
The three Shunters- RATU- LINUS -SQUIB-
Three 4 wheel Electric Shunters were completed for members of our Society, one with side rods. These are powered by 24v 600w motors using"4QD" contollers. These are good workers on running days. They are named.

The Intercity HST 125 is a BoBo Petrol Hydraulic 7.25" Loco. These were introduced in England in the 1970's for fast comuter trains. Running speed of 125mph are attained where the track is suitable. Due to it's bumble bee look it was given the name "STING"

English Electric EC09 7.25g
EC9 a BoBo electric 7.25" Locomotive powered by two 600w EMD motors and using two "4QD" NCC70 controllers. These locos were purchased to run the Christchurch Lyttelton tunnel route. 6 were used numbered EC 7 - 12.
Recently overhauled after good service on private track.

  DH  BoBo Shunting Loco  5" gauge
DH BoBo Shunter Electric 5" "DEBORAH". After a few years of 7.25 loco building it was decided to try a 5" again. These DH locos were purchased by NZR in the late 1970's for heavy shunting. In 1999 Trans Rail rebuilt them with a shunting platform front and rear. This was completed using two EMD 400w 24v motors mounted vertically in each bogie, and two "4QD" controllers. This locomotive is now used on a small public railway in Northland.

  The DXR was a rebuild of the famous DX Locomotive.
On October 3rd 2001 Train No 12 "DEXTER" the 7.25g DXR was put into service on the Thames Small Gauge Railway. It has been under construction for 6 months and is powered by twin 24volt 40amp EMD motors. 315AH battery capacity is housed under the long bonnet. Control of the motors is by two DS100 Dynamic System Controllers. Authentic diesel sound and horn is provided by an electronic sound board. This loco was pattened on the Tranz Rail DXR and painted in the Tranz rail colours. The 5" DH loco pictured beside the DXR looks rather small.

  Another EC but in 5" gauge
Having been given two Toyota Bus Air conditioning 24v motors they prompted the building of a 5" gauge EC loco. This was resized from the 7.25" gauge loco previously built. The motors are mounted horizontally above the chassis and are chain driven through the centre of the pivot and trunion. The motors turn with the bogie. A single 4QD NCC70-24 Controller is used with two 65ah batteries. During 2002 this loco was completed and has been named "LUCY".

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