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In May 2003 we moved in to Carmel Country Estate Retirement Village. Soon after a village workshop was built in conjunction with the village community centre. I didn't take long for me to equip part of the workshop and I was again able to pursue my hobby. It started by building a third 7.25g EC electric locomotive.

On moving to Tauranga Steve soon set up his tools within the village workshop. The result was another locomotive of the EC class this time in 7.25 gauge.This one boasts of full vacuum brakes, powered by two 24V 40A EMD motors, two Dynamic Controls DS100 controllers and four 6V 210 AH batteries it makes this locomotive quite powerful. It was completed over 9 months and was placed on the Tauranga track for it's first run in October 2005. The photo shows Steve at the controls on it's first passenger run. It has been named "Jesse".

  EC Electric locomotive No 3 "JESSE"
With increasing demand for pulling power at the Tauranga club it became urgent to complete another club locomotive. The six wheel shunter's chassis and running gear had been started by one of the members and Steve completed it mounting the hydrostatic drive, motor, accessories etc and designing and building the body. It is roughly patterned on a "Prices" shunter without side rods. It is powered by an 11 HP Lifan Petrol motor driving an EATON series 7 hydrostatic drive connected by chain to all wheels. It was completed and put into service in February 2006. Because of it's colour it has been nick named "Big Yellow".

The next project was unusual in both design and construction. Having acquired two 24volt 400 watt motors I decided on a fee lance steeple cab loco. Using materials that were on hand or easily sourced. Although similar to some English steeple cab shunters no particular design was chosen. It is painted in Rust Orange and has been given the name "Lucida" which has the meaning of "excellence". It has proved to be a good hauler and creates quite a bit of interest on the track.

In 1952 the Wellington electrified system commissioned the Articulated EW electric locomotive on it's system. At the time it was the most powerful locomotive on the NZR system. The addition of these locomotives to the fleet enabled passengers to travel in comfort through the newly constructed tunnels on the deviation on the main trunk line out of Wellington. The 5" gauge model was completed over a period of 14 months. The body sections are moulded in fibre glass which was a new medium for the builder. Pantographs are raised by the locomotives vacuum system. In spite of its smaller gauge it is a powerful locomotive sporting four 18A 24V motors driving the front and rear bogies.

   5" Gauge EW BoBoBo Electric Locomotive
  7.25g Refurbished EO Locomotive
The NZR EA class (later EO of 1968) were used by New Zealand Railways between 1968 and 1997 on the Otira-Arthur's Pass section of the Midland line in the South Island, through the Otira Tunnel. Following reconditioning, three are now used by Kiwi Rail division Tranz Metro in Wellington to top and tail suburban passenger trains as an interim measure before new rolling stock arrives. It is from the Wellington Trans Metro refurbishment design that this model is based.

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