The bogies were constructed first . To get the correct reduction both gear and chain drive was used, The gears can be clearly seen as can the bogie mounted motor. Laser cut side plates made construction a lot easier.
The box section chassis was set up square and level for welding.
Progress with the pars being fitted to the chassis, Batteries in place, Horn mounted and at the rear the vacuum pump and switches. The buffer beams have been fitted with the couplers and safety chains.

The laser cut body work is completed and fitted with the side louvres. It is almost ready for the paint shop
The single arm pantograph is fabricated and fitted to the hood as is the ventilator hat.
Back from painting and having the Kiwi Rail logos put on it looks fresh and clean ready for the final touches.
After fitting of hand rails and lights and a static test No.45 is ready for testing at the track.
With a load of two cars and  10 people and a dog No 45 is seen on duty at the Tauranga 2010 open weekend being driven by Adam Cruickshank one of our younger members.
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